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HACK THE COSMOS | Own cosmic space with Handshake(HNS) top level domains? How to truly own web presence in 2021 with decentralized dns and constantly be the top SEO results? Handshake(HNS) is the biggest thing since Bitcoin. Own web 3. We “Shape Reality” by establishing the “I” as the center of gravity. Built on a Handshake(HNS) blockchain root level domain directing all to Look Within oneself to the Source, the root of perception. Handshake helps us resolve self-sovereign identity by allowing true ownership of authentic web space vs. renting domains on the internet.

Hello Cosmos!!!

# Own The Web 3 we Consciously CHOOSE to Bend and SHAPE Reality while customizing The Root Zone File of the Internet with our HNS-DOMAINS.

Enjoy Thriving Evolvements…

# Learn what Handshake(HNS) is Here; Handshake and NameBase

Or go Break The Code

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HNS.to is a highly insecure way of browsing Handshake domains and should only be used for demo or educational purposes. Click to see preferable resolutions methods